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Bob Bly, the author of 70+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls "America's top copywriter," gives you an exclusive insider's view of..

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The Copywriting
Industry Exposed!

The Internet is overflowing with hype-filled promotions for courses, coaching programs, and boot camps promising to help you "get rich from freelance copywriting."

Are they full of hot air? Or can you still make a lot of money as a freelance copywriter? Read on to discover the good, the bad, and the ugly about the copywriting business today ...

Dear Reader:

Maybe I've just become a crabby old man.

But many of the hype-filled "get rich quick" programs advertised on the Internet today make me want to barf.

Don't get me wrong: I love freelance copywriting - both the craft and the business.

And yes, you can still earn a handsome living as a freelance copywriter today.

But the claims some of these copywriting courses, coaches, and conferences make ...

Especially regarding how much money you can earn as a copywriter ... how quickly you can earn it ...

... and how easy it is to get started are - to put it charitably - vastly overblown.

Once upon a time, this wouldn't have bothered me so much.

After all, I'm not the one doing it (though I have endorsed a few of the ones I like and actually find valuable) ... and I can't be responsible for those who are.

But, a few years ago, I began to get a flood of frantic e-mails and phone calls.

These were from numerous purchasers of these freelance copywriting systems.

"Bob," they ask me almost daily. "I've just invested a small fortune learning to become a copywriter - but so have thousands of other writers!

"Worse, they all have Web sites on the Internet, similar to mine, advertising similar copywriting services.

"Have I been duped by the 'learn copywriting' promoters? How can I stand out against all that competition, and get potential clients to hire me?

"Worse, have the promoters flooded the market with too many copywriters? Has the supply of copywriters now exceeded the demand for copywriting services? And if so, what do I do?"

Freelance copywriting today - the
good, the bad, and the ugly

In my new audio program, The Copywriting Industry Exposed, I give you the unvarnished truth about the freelance copywriting business today - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In this program, you get straight talk from me on whether freelance copywriting is still a viable business today ... who the legitimate copywriting teachers are ... and who out there is full of baloney.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll discover in The Copywriting Industry Exposed:

  • Is the freelance copywriting business truly a "get-rich-quick" paradise? Or are the "make money as a copywriter" promoters feeding you a load of hogwash?
  • Pros and cons of becoming a freelance copywriter in today's market - the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.
  • 6 ways the copywriting industry has been totally transformed over the past few years ... and what it means to you as a copywriter or aspiring copywriter.
  • Why copywriting has evolved from a profession into a "business opportunity" - and how that affects both writers and their clients.
  • The market has been flooded with thousands of newbie copywriters. Does the supply of copywriters now outweigh the demand for copywriting services? The answer will shock you.
  • Has the Internet helped the copywriting business or hurt it? Plus: other key technologies that affect freelance copywriters - personal computers, laptops, fax machines, e-mail, Google, and more.
  • Who out there is qualified to teach you how to write copy and make money as a freelance copywriter ... and who are the rip-off artists?
  • What about competition? Is there too much competition today? Or is there so much work that there's enough to go around for everybody?
  • How much can you make today as a freelance copywriter? What do the top copywriters make? What do "average" writers earn? Can you make a million dollars a year as a freelance copywriter?
  • Why you should not believe everything other copywriters tell you about their income, their royalties, their fees, their clients, or their results.
  • Counting on getting rich on copywriting royalties and mailing fees? Why you should not.
  • An unprecedented number of copywriting promoters are bragging about the millions they make. Are they lying? Who can you trust?
  • Do the most experienced professional copywriters always write successful promotions that are profitable for their clients? What's a realistic success rate of winners to losers for most copywriters?
  • Isn't it true that once you are well known or established, you automatically get more business than you can handle -- and a successful copywriter never has to market himself? Once again, the answer will shock you.
  • If copywriters are so highly paid, why aren't more of them multi-millionaires?
  • Want to get assignments from Phillips, Boardroom, Rodale, Agora, Nightingale- Conant, and other major direct marketers? Here's why that may not be such a hot idea.
  • Can you make money as a copywriter writing for small, local businesses ... or charging them for marketing advice?
  • Fortune 500 companies have deep pockets. So why don't more freelance copywriters write for them?
  • Should you target ad agencies for freelance assignments . or avoid them like the plague?
  • It may be the single best market for freelance copywriters today. And most copywriters don't even know about it.

5 ways you can immediately profit from
"The Copywriting Industry Exposed"

Why should you invest your hard-earned money to get listen to my audio program on the state of the copywriting industry today?

I can think of at least five reasons:

  1. I steer you to where the real opportunities in freelance copywriting are today. Not stock market newsletters, nutritional supplements, or other crowded niches -- but lesser-known, equally lucrative areas.
  2. If I help you avoid even one false turn -- from attending a bogus conference to apprenticing for a copywriting "guru" who wants to hold back your career and keep you all to himself at slave wages -- you'll avoid wasting thousands of dollars and months of precious time.
  3. "The Copywriting Industry Exposed" can accelerate your climb to the $100,000 to $200,000 a year level and help you get there faster -- potentially helping you double or even triple your annual earnings.
  4. Worry and fear holds you back from concentrating on your career and doing your best. When you "know the score" in today's copywriting, you'll have a clear understanding of the business realities -- giving you a tremendous leg up on your many competitors.
  5. How can you learn to have a long copywriting career from someone who's only been doing it a couple of years? I'll show you how to weather the storms of change -- and maintain your six-figure copywriting career -- for many decades. So you can dramatically increase your lifetime earnings ... and quite possibly earn an extra million dollars during your copywriting career.

Any ONE of the above can easily pay back your modest investment in "The Copywriting Industry Exposed" 10X over or more.

In fact, I guarantee -- it or your money back!

  • 2 organizations have radically altered the landscape for freelance copywriters. Here's the inside scoop on both (I've worked with each extensively).
  • Is the "copy cub" system - senior copywriters hiring beginning copywriters to write for them - a good deal for newbie copywriters? Plus: where to find such arrangements.
  • Who should go into freelance copywriting today . and who should pursue other business opportunities instead?
  • The one piece of advice I wish I'd had when I went into freelance copywriting 25 years ago. You can profit from it even though I missed out.
  • Reasons for freelance copywriters to develop "multiple streams of income" - and the ideal income streams for you to pursue.
  • The 3-word definition of advertising that can take your marketing from average to outstanding. Page 57.
  • Will copywriting always be an in-demand profession and service? Or can unforeseen developments (similar to outsourcing of IT to India) render it obsolete in a few short years?
  • Why selling your own information products on the Internet should be every copywriter's "second business."
  • Best places - online and offline - to learn copywriting -- including Web sites ... courses ... boot camps ... conferences ... periodicals ... e-zines ... books ... coaches ... and more.
  • Should you wait until you have mastered copywriting before you start writing copy for freelance clients? Or should you start now?
  • Is it harder or easier to write winning promotions today than it was 30 years ago - and why?
  • How to find the most lucrative copywriting specialties. Plus: how to target high-paying niches with little or no competition.
  • What can you charge when you are just starting out ... and when (and by what amount) can you raise your fees?
  • The awful truth about elance, guru.com, and other freelance bidding sites.
  • How to master writing copy for both offline and online marketing ... and the most important differences between them.
  • 4 sure-fire ways to establish your reputation as a talented, reliable copywriter.
  • Should a person learning copywriting also have a back-up career or skill?
  • Have technology, computers, the Internet, and "social media" (e.g., blogging) diminished the importance of the printed word in modern society ... and what does that mean to you as a copywriter?
  • The "launch plan" that I'd use to get into copywriting if I were starting my freelance career today.
  • And much, much more...

"I LOVE 'The Copywriting Industry Exposed' and have been wishing for this product," says copywriting coach Chris Marlow. "I have always presented you to my coaching students and subscribers as someone I respect and believe in -- not only because of your successes, but more importantly, because of your honesty, which is so important nowadays ... and so damned rare. Thank you for bringing honesty and clarity to this profession."

"I've watched in amazement as this copywriting opportunity thing has unfolded," says LR, a 20+-year copywriting veteran. "Finally, someone with real authority has spoken out on this!"

Superstar copywriter Richard Armstrong raves: "I LOVED 'The Copywriting Industry Exposed!'"

Who am I ... and why should you trust me?

One of my pet peeves with the whole "become rich as a freelance copywriter" business is that many of the promoters have little experience in copywriting.

At least 2 of the major promoters selling expensive "make money in copywriting" seminars have only a couple of years of freelance copywriting experience each!

Even those copywriting promoters that DO have knowledge and experience - and know what they're talking about - often oversell the opportunity and sugar-coat what it's really like in freelance copywriting today.

That's where I come in.

As the testimonials at left demonstrate, I possess both extensive knowledge of copywriting as well as the freelance copywriting business.

I have been a copywriter since 1979 and a full-time freelance copywriter since February 1982.

McGraw-Hill calls me "America's top copywriter." You've probably read promotions I've written for Phillips Publishing, Boardroom, Agora, Nightingale-Conant, Kiplinger, Forbes, IBM, and dozens of other clients.

Or maybe you've seen The Copywriter's Handbook ... or Secrets of a Freelance Writer ... one of the more than 70 other books I've written.

When you've been around as long as I have, you get a good feel for which of the copywriting programs out there are the real deal ... and which are over-hyped crap.

Now, in The Copywriting Industry Exposed, I spill the beans about what's really happening in copywriting today.

So you can:

...make a more informed decision about launching a copywriting career.

...enter the copywriting market with realistic expectations and goals.

...gain a leg up on all your competitors - both new and experienced writers.

...reach the $100,000 to $200,000 a year mark as quickly as possible.

...find a rewarding copywriting niche with little competition.

...avoid "get-rich-quick" copywriting schemes and other scams.

It's the next best thing to hiring me as your personal -- and private -- copywriting career coach and advisor.

You know that hiring copywriting coaches ... or buying copywriting courses ... can be incredibly expensive.

There are publishers selling copywriting boot camps for $4,000 to $5,000 ... and home study courses ranging from $100 to $500 and up.

Coaches routinely charge $1,000 a month ... and that's for a coach with no real experience in copywriting. If you wanted to hire me to coach you one-on-one, the fee is $12,000.

But you won't pay $12,000 ... or $5,000 ... or even $1,000 to get my insider tips, strategies, and secrets for succeeding as a freelance copywriter.

That's because my Copywriting Industry Exposed audio program sells for just $97.

And if you don't agree that it gives you an incredible edge over your competitors in freelance copywriting, it won't even cost you that much. Because you're fully protected by...

...our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

I unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with The Copywriting Industry Exposed.

If you are unhappy for any reason ... or for no reason ... just return the CDs to me (yes, even the bonus CD described in my P.S. below) within 90 days for a full and prompt product refund.

That way, you risk nothing.

One other thing...

The Copywriting Industry Exposed could be just the thing you need to successfully launch your career as a freelance copywriter ... something I've already done for more copywriters than I can count.

If you earn $100,000 a year and work as a freelance copywriter for the next 10 years, that's an extra million dollars in income my program will have helped you generate.

And if you don't become a copywriter ... and I do nothing more than help you avoid one more bogus boot camp or home study course in copywriting ... the money you save can pay back the cost of my program 5 to 10 times over or more.

But I urge you to hurry...

The number of "get rich as a copywriter" promoters making spurious claims ... and offering marginal training in the copywriting business ... is growing almost weekly.

The sooner you get the real story from a copywriting industry veteran and insider - me ...

... the better equipped you'll be to make intelligent decisions about your freelance copywriting career.

So what are you waiting for?

To order The Copywriting Industry Exposed on a risk-free 90-day trial basis, just click here now:


Bob Bly, Copywriter

P.S. Quick-Response Bonus! Reply today and you will receive a Bonus CD Getting Started in Copywriting and Internet Marketing (list price: $29), absolutely FREE!

You'll hear marketing expert Ray Edwards interview me about how I got my start - both as a freelance copywriter and an Internet marketer - and my advice to others on jump-starting their own careers in either area ... or both.

It's just the "kick in the pants" you may need to stop just thinking about, studying, and reading about freelance copywriting ... and to get off your butt and actually take action and do something about it.

Reading and studying is fine. But only ACTION leads to results. In this CD, you'll discover the key to stop just thinking about copywriting and marketing ... and actually making money from them.

To order the The Copywriting Industry Exposed... and get your FREE Bonus CD ... click below now:

About Bob Bly

McGraw-Hill calls him "America's top copywriter." With more than a quarter of a century experience, Bob Bly has written winning promotions for IBM, AT&T, Agora Publishing, Medical Economics, The Motley Fool, Sony Corporation, and dozens of other clients. He is the author of more than 60 books including The Copywriter's Handbook (Henry Holt) and is a columnist for DM News and Early to Rise.

What they say
about Bob Bly

"One of the best copywriters in the business."
-Michael Meanwell, author, "The Wealthy Writer"

"Bob Bly is one of the most successful copywriters in the world. I've used his services and purchased a lot of his materials -- and always profited from both."
--Bob Serling, President, Idea Quotient

"Considered one of the best copywriters in the country."
--David E. Wright, President, International Speakers Network

"There's no better copywriter than Robert W. Bly, the man I call the 'King of Copy.' He can teach you more about the art and science of marketing than anyone I know."
--Richard Dean Starr

"20 years ago, when Bob Bly starting teaching copywriting, the field was deeply shrouded in mystery. Now, thanks to Bob, learning copywriting, though still a tricky proposition, is much easier."
--Ken McCarthy

"For over 25 years, Bob Bly has set the gold standard in results-oriented business-to-business writing."
--Roger C. Parker, author, Looking Good in Print

"Perhaps the most famous copywriter of all."
--Apryl Duncan

"When it comes to educating his fellow copywriters and marketers, Bob Bly is the master."
--Dianna Huff

"Bob . . . Just got the copy and advertisement you did for my new book . . . It's great! You are good! Great job . . . you have tremendous insights into what excites and what sells!"
--Don Libey, Libey Incorporated

"In my opinion, you are the best copywriter in the software industry."
--Judy MacDonald, Director of Marketing, Direct Response

"I've spoken to a thousand copywriters over the years and Bob Bly is the best. He knows what he's doing."
--Joe Culotta, Natural Medicine Co.

"I am happy to report to you that your piece outproduced the 4 other packages we tested against it. I want to talk to you about another project...."
--Nick Roumi, Pacific Coast Funding

"The original ad insert of 'Wall Street's Loss is Your Gain' continues to kick butt -- pulls 12 to 15 subscriptions a week. Not bad for a $500 investment made 5 months ago."
--Charles Mizrahi, Stealth Stocks

"As a marketing professional, for 17 years I wrote my own promotional material. But I am not a professional copywriter. It wasn't until I took my own advice that I started getting the results I deserved. With Bob Bly, I got what I wanted - in the promised time frame - with re-writes - and the results I wanted. Thanks Bob!"
--Mark Amtower, Amtower & Company

"I found your ad copy compelling, powerful ... even entertaining. You really communicated the 'feel' of the message we are selling. Thanks for such great work, Bob!"
--Ashley Earnhardt Aiken, Thomas Nelson Publishers

"Bob wrote the most ballsy ad in the history of Dynamic Changes and it set sales records this fall. People couldn't stop themselves from responding."
--Richard Scheffren, Dynamic Changes Hypnosis

"Last year you did all the copy on the What Would Jesus Eat brochure. It was wonderful and I believe is one of the reasons that the book continues to do so very well.
--Pamela Clements, Thomas Nelson Publishers

"A special thanks to Bob for doing a superb job and making this work so well. I felt like a brilliant puppet in your hands."
--Michael Masterson, AWAI

"Even though he refuses to admit it, Bob is THE Direct Marketing guru...or, at the very least, he's mine."
--Jill Perri, American Consultants League

"I am thrilled with your package, it is doing great -- will roll out as the control."
--Chris Gast, Intuit

"Great job on the Turnaround Report; it's been a huge success. We've had an incredible product launch, with hundreds of free trials in the first week."
--Marc Stockman, TheStreet.com

"Just to let you know we have been using your 8 ways letter and brochure that you did for us last year with great success. We decided to double our monthly direct mailing. Things are really taking off. I can only attribute that to our increased direct mail program. Thank you for helping us get an effective package together."
--Ray Hardee, Engineered Software, Inc.

"Your e-mail to promote ETR pulled double the response and three times the gross revenue of the control, with a 45% increase in average order size."
--Lisa Bruette, Agora Inc.

"We're very pleased! The piece you wrote has at 43 days resulted in 204 orders and 165% ROI. I have submitted a new mail plan for a rollout for 200,000+ pieces. You'll be getting a royalty payment for this."
--George Rayburn, The Dan Ferris Power Report

"It was a pleasure to work with you. Your stuff just works. You are the best money I've ever spent. Thanks a million!"
--Gail Coopersmith, Coopersmith List Consultants

"Your copy was right on target and played a major role in one of our most successful new product launches."
--Joan Damico, GretagMacbeth

"We're still running both projects you did for us last time. They're still pulling. Great stuff.
--John Leper, Stanford International

"The first four times your half-page, 2-color ad ran in Chemical Engineering, it was the highest inquiry generating ad in the magazine. It even outscored full pages and spreads."
--Bob Berner, Robert K. Berner Associates

"We still are using [the package you did for us]. It still beats all challengers to the control."
--Mark Friedman, Medical Economics

"Potence insert is looking good, currently projected to achieve a 3.64% response with a $60 (three units of purchase) average order."
--Glory Kneass, Drs. Preferred

"The Internet direct mail you wrote for us got an excellent response: 7.55% from a rented list of hard-to-excite prospects."
--Ken Paston, Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corp.

"Bob, since working with you last fall on the plan to position Unique Truck as a source for all shop equipment, we have cut our catalog mailings 60% with no drop in sales. I look forward to a long relationship."
--Dick Stillwell, President, Unique Truck

"Sizzling stuff... very compelling... top shelf. Thanks for your quick turnaround."
--Patrick Kephart, MasterMedia

"All who reviewed your copy agreed it was terrific. Certainly it's the best DM copy I've ever had to work with, because you've hit the rare combination of good writing and a good knowledge of what you are writing about."
--Lois DeLong, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

"The copy is very good and certainly a fresh improvement on what we've done in the past. Thanks again for your help... the campaign was very successful."
--Scott Thompson, Federal Employees Almanac

"Congratulations. Your Forecasts & Strategies 'Internet Infrastructure' package is a winner... your piece is doing almost twice as good as our 'Y2K Sample Issue' mailing. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future."
--Chris Marett, Phillips Publishing

"Bob Bly, our marketing consultant, helped us produce over 8% response in less than 2 months after we started a marketing campaign. Not only did we get good numbers, we got inquiries from the cream of the crop on our target list. And, we generated about 350% increase in dollar business over the previous year."
--Sheila M. Anderson, President, Commercial Property Services

"The advanced renewal you wrote for Utility Forecaster is doing great! Mailed 4/29... 5.2% response (as of 5/27) and an average sale of $116. Thanks!"
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"Your #10 direct mail package for Sarnoff's Samurai Strategies has beat the pants off the control by more than 3 to 1. Congratulations and keep up the good work!"
--David Yale, M&PA

"The letter is good... approximately 10% responded."
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"Here is a contract for four separate direct mail packages. The More Than a Gut Feeling for Sales direct mail package is getting an excellent response-a very big thank you for your help on that project."
--Tiffan Yamen, American Media

"The direct mail package looks great! Thanks!"
--Tammy Ray, Marketing Director, McGraw-Hill Book Clubs

"You sure write powerful copy!"
--Fred Weiss, Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corp.

"Bly Rules!"
--Murray Raphel, Raphel Marketing

"Mr. Copy."
--Markus Allen, Publisher

"There is no greater authority on business-to-business direct response copywriting then Bob Bly. What impresses me most about Bob Bly is his knack for making things clear and simple."
--Scott Miller

"Bob Bly is among the most accomplished self-employed copywriters in recent years."
--Steve Slaunwhite

"Bob Bly is probably the best business-to-business, high tech. industrial, direct marketing copywriter in the country."
--John Clausen

"Perhaps the most famous copywriter of them all."
--The Writer

"[A] freelance writing dynamo...."
--Writer's Digest

"One of the great copywriters in the direct marketing industry...."
--Ruth Stevens, author, The DMA Lead Generation Handbook

"...[a] copywriting giant..."
--Freelance Writer's Report

"Bob Bly is a human machine who has been outputting high-grade direct marketing copy for decades. I've read a few of his numerous books and have learned much from this pro."
--Larry Chase, Web Digest For Marketers

"Renowned direct marketing practitioner and prolific author Bob Bly [is] nationally recognized for his control-beating copy. [He] knows how to write for results."
--Kansas City Direct Marketing Association

"Bob Bly is in the upper echelon of direct mail and email copywriters and he's an all-around direct marketing guru. In addition to hundreds of successful campaigns for technology clients, Bly has authored or co-authored more then 50 books."
--Bruce Hadley, softwareceo.com

"Bly is probably one of the world's most famous and experienced copywriters. He is also a noted authority on the creation of online copy and online trends."
--The Compulsive Reader

"Bob Bly is a world-class copywriter."
--Paul Hartunian

"I've known Bob for a long time. His stuff is terrific."
--John Forde, Copywriter's Roundtable

"Bob Bly [is] a prolific advertising genius."
--Joe Vitale, "Mr. Fire"

"I went to Amazon.com and got a copy of Secrets of a Freelance Writer. Wow! ... I loved it! Packed with info. The book had a 'readability' about it that took away all my fears, put me at ease, and made me feel that I wasn't treading on foreign soil. I kept saying to myself, 'I can do that, I can do that!'"
--Ronald J. Rich

"Your books served as a complete reference when I started my own freelance writing business a year and half ago. By following the advice you laid out, I quickly reached goals that I had set for year three of my business within the first year. My philosophy is, if you've written it or recommended it, I want to read it."
--Carla Jahnson

"I own a copy of The Copywriter's Handbook, which is priceless. Thank you for making this information available to those of us on a shoestring'"
--Mary Klaebul, Memphis, TN

"I own Secrets of a Freelance Writer: How to Make $85,000 a Year and The Copywriter's Handbook. Both are Great. You did a great job of getting to the nitty gritty. I admire and respect what you have done."
--Derek A. Chilcoat

"FYI, you started me off with your tape series on freelance copywriting, and I'm an avid reader of yours."
--Scott T. Smith, Bozeman, MT

"Having read two of your books, Secrets Of... and The Copywriter's Handbook, I am now taking the leap. If not for the strong encouragement of your books, I might not have jumped. Thanks again for the road map that your books offered."
--Eddie Adelman

"I am a great fan and avid reader of your books. When I first started out in this copywriting business nearly ten years ago, your Secrets of a Freelance Writer was my bible (it's so dog-eared, some of the pages are coming apart). You continue to be a great source of inspiration and education."
--John M. Mora, Plainfield, IL

"Thank you for all the books you've written over the years -- I have enjoyed many of them, and profited from what I've learned. I've been reading Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field this past month -- it's helping me really do the things I've always wanted to do."
--Michael Knowles

"I read Write More, Sell More a few years ago and loved it."
--Steve Slaunwhite

"The first time I read your book Secrets of An "$85,000 Freelance Writer I laughed at the fact of picturing myself as a business writer. The second time I read it, I made over $1,000 in a week. I'm laughing for a much better reason now."
--Grady Smith

"I loved your book The Copywriter's Handbook. It has sincerely helped me in my business and is worth every penny I spent on it!"
--Brian Maquire, Portland, OR

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